We record and produce audio.  We have a cozy studio space to record your music or voice overs. We can record 24 high quality audio tracks simultaneously at 24 bit/ 96k with practically unlimited overdubbing. The studio runs ProTools 11, Ableton Live 9, or Harrison Mixbus as the recording application.  We have an arsenal of microphones and a plethora of plugins to get any kind of sound you want.  We produce all kinds of music from jazz to punk and bluegrass to electronica. Check out our bandcamp site for recording samples,

Paul Beaudry

Paul is the lead recording/mixing engineer and producer at StU. Having 20 years of experience recording and mixing, Paul started it all by attending the audio recording program at Fairhaven College WWU.  He spent a year taking classes on advanced recording techniques including classes at the university on the physics of sound.  While attending college he opened his first studio in his college house recording local groups such as New York Jimmy and the Jive Five, Appleseed Apart, Rat Cat Hogan, Colville Melody (now The Crying Shame), The Revolutionary Hydra, and many more.

Recently Paul has worked with the dance troop Manifold Motion writing, producing and recording the soundtrack for their avant garde performance of Compos Mentis,  He just finished an EP with Casey Ruff and the Mayors of Ballard. Also, he is currently recording Gunsguns, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, and Caleb and Walter.